Dutch Pinball Masters
Team Tournament

A minor team tournament will be held on Friday evening, starting at 18:30. The maximum number of teams will be 8. A team does consist of 4 players, not necessarily from the same country. This team tournament will be played on the qualification machines for the main tournament.
Maximum number of teams has been reached!
Team tournament fee is EUR 20. Team captains please add it to your individual fee, thanks.

Registration for the tournament will be possible by sending a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it starting January 7th, 20:00.

Format: the 8 teams will be divided into 2 groups of 4. Each team will then play a match against all other teams in the group. So each team will play 3 group matches. Machines will be on 3 balls.
A group match will consist of 6 games. First all 4 team members will play an individual match against a player from the other team on 4 different machines. Teams may decide which player will play on which machine. Winning a game will give this team 1 point.
Then 2 split flipper matches (also called ZEN pinball) will be played on 2 different machines. Again teams may decide which players will play on which machine. The winners from these games will get 2 points each.
Winning a group match will give a team 2 points for the group ranking. A draw will give 1 point and a loss 0 points.

The 2 best teams from each group ( decided by the group ranking points) will qualify for the semi finals.
If 2 teams end up with the same number of group ranking points, the total number of points scored in the group matches will decide. If this is the same as well, a shoot out will be played. A shoot out will be a 2-payer game, 4 balls. Each team member will play 1 ball.

In the semi finals the winner from group A will play against the number 2 from group B. And obviously the winner from group B will play against the number 2 from group A.
Semi finals will be played in the same way as the group matches. In case of a tie, a shoot out will be played.

The 2 winners from the semi finals will then play the final. The 2 losers will play for place 3/4.
Again these matches will be played in the same way. And in case of a tie, a shoot out will be played.


Registered teams:

1. Dutch Pinball Team *
Albert Nomden
Paul Jongma
Mark van der Gugten
Joska Keunekamp

2. Pinball DNA
Martijn van Amsterdam
Martijn van Aken
Tom Loomans
Helen de Haan-Verbeek

3. Team Delta *
Jochen Krieger
Manuela Krieger
Mario Schröder
Ralf Wittwer

4. Oslo Pinball Casuals *
Morten Søbyskogen
Sandra Søbyskogen
Torstein Bjørnstad
Emma Berlin

5. Oslo Tiltboys
Bjørn Hellem
Olav Hjelmstadstuen
Svein Tjeldflat
Tormod Pettersen

6. Archiball Team
Archibald Lefèvre
Sébastien Puertas
Stanislas Chabior
Laurent Mahé

7. Team Slovenia
Aleš Rebec
Andrej Demsar
Andrej Rizner
Zeljko Vasic

8. Team Milano *
Wolfgang Haid
Karin Eisenstecken
Fabrizio Amiconi
Gabriele Tedeschi

* has paid.
Please note that advanced payment for the team tournament is not absolutely necessary.
Teams can also pay on location before the start of the tournament.
This is just to verify that we have received your payment.

Qualification Groups:

Group A:
Dutch Pinball Team (1)
Team Slovenia (4)
Oslo Tiltboys (5)
Team Delta (8)

Group B:
Pinball DNA (2)
Archiball Team (3)
Team Milano (6)
Oslo Pinball Casuals (7)

Groups have been made based on the individual positions of the players on the WPPR.




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