Tournament schedule

This will be the schedule for Sunday: (A1 = winner group A, B2 = number 2 group B etc)

Last 48:

Group N : A1,B2,C3,D4,E1,F2,G3,H4,J1,K2,L3,M4
Group P : A2,B3,C4,D1,E2,F3,G4,H1,J2,K3,L4,M1
Group Q : A3,B4,C1,D2,E3,F4,G1,H2,J3,K4,L1,M2
Group R : A4,B1,C2,D3,E4,F1,G2,H3,J4,K1,L2,M3

Quarter finals (best-of-5):

N1-P4 , Q2-R3 , R2-Q3 , P1-N4 , Q1-R4 , N2-P3 , P2-N3 , R1-Q4

Semi finals (best-of-5):

winner (N1-P4) – winner (Q2-R3)
winner (R2-Q3) – winner (P1-N4)
winner (Q1-R4) – winner (N2-P3)
winner (P2-N3) – winner (R1-Q4)


The 4 winners from the semi finals will then play the final. These players will play 4 4-player games on 4 machines chosen by the players. On each machine they can earn 9 points for first place, 5 points for second place, 2 poinys for third place and 0 points for fourth place.

First the players will draw a number: 1,2,3 or 4.
The player with number 1 has to choose the first machine, the player with number 2 the second, etc.
The drawn number will also be the order of play on the first machine. On each next machine each player will move up one position. The player who has started on a machine will play as number 4 on the next machine.