There are 180 slots available for the qualification on Saturday, so please register in time if you would like to participate.

Start by registering yourself as a tournament player. After registration, your name is directly visible on the list of registered players, so you can check that we received your registration. After we receive your payment, your payment status will be changed to "yes". You are then guaranteed to take part in the tournament.Please note that we must have received your payment before January 29th.

Obviously we welcome as much foreign players as possible. Therefore it is possible for all IFPA country directors to pre-register up to 8 players for each country. The Netherlands +5 for organisation. Pre-registration will be possible untill December 7th. Country Directors will receive a mail with more info early November.

After pre-registration has finished, normal registration will start on December 19th at 20:00.

Please note that it's not possible anymore to register more than one player per registration!

 If players have not paid before January 29th, we will remove them from the list and players from the reserve list will be added to the list of players in order of registration date/time. After January 29th we will add the next player from the reserve list who has registered and paid in case of a cancellation. If no players from the reserve list have paid, we will contact the next player from the reserve list by mail and ask him/her to confirm his/her registration. This player then has 48 hours to respond. If we get no reaction within 48 hours, we will contact the next player.

Please note that advanced payment is also necessary for players on the reserve list! If you would not be able to compete due to the fact that the tournament is fully booked, we will refund you the money.