Pricing for Dutch Pinball Masters 2019 is as follows:

* Main tournament: EUR 15.00
* Classics tournament: EUR 10.00
* Entrance fee: EUR 7.50 for one day, EUR 15.00 for two days.

So, it's EUR 30.00 in total if you want to take part in the tournament, EUR 40.00 if you also play in classics and EUR 7.50 or EUR 15.00 for spectators.

Advanced payment is required for everyone that attends Dutch Pinball Masters 2019. Always mark your payment with "DPM 2019", the order number as mentioned in the confirmation mail and the name(s) of the player(s) that the payment is for. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions about your payment.

Please note that we must have received your payment before January 29th. If we haven't received your payment at January 29th, you will lose the right to compete in this year's Dutch Pinball Masters and the next player on the reserve list will be invited.
If you cancel your registration before March 9th, your money will be refunded. After March 9th no refunds will be made!


There are three methods of payment:

* Bank transfer

Netherlands: ING, account number NL52INGB0007233926 registered to "NFV", Amsterdam

* International bank transfer

IBAN: NL52 INGB 0007233926

* PayPal

The address for PayPal payments is

Please add 3,4% + EUR 0,35  to cover transaction costs!

So the most common examples:
If you have to pay EUR 40, please transfer EUR 41,71
If you have to pay EUR 30, please transfer EUR 31,37