Classics Tournament

For the 10th time we will also have a classics tournament during DPM. It’s possible to register for the classics together with your registration for main tournament. However, it’s also still possible to register during DPM for classics. Playing in classics will cost € 10.

Ten machines will be available for the classics. If you want to play in classics, first get your score card and player number at the tournament desk.
Each player has to play 10 games in classics and will have only one try to do so. On which machines you play is your decision, but it’s not allowed to play more than 2 games on the same machine. All 10 games will count for qualification.

On each machine the top 100 scores will get points from 100 points for the highest score to 1 point for score number 100. The total number of points of all 10 games you played will be your qualification score.

Before you start you have to get a scorecard with your number at the tournament desk.
Please don’t start a game on your own! A scorekeeper will start a new game for you. After you finished your game, the scorekeeper will enter your score in a database. Standings will be updated automatically.

The 24 players with the highest points will advance to the final rounds (single KO).
These matches will be played as a best of 3 match, 3 balls per game. In these rounds the higher qualifier will have choice of position in the first and ( if necessary ) third game. The other player will have choice of position in the 2nd game.

The best 3 players will then play the final. In this final each player can choose a machine. The lowest qualifier has to choose the first machine etc. You have to start on the machine that you choose and move up one position on the next machine.
Three 3-player matches will be played. On each machine you can earn 3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place.
The player with the most points after 3 matches will be the new champion. In case of a tie a shoot-out will be played.

If a player should not be present at the start of the final rounds, his/her place will be taken by the next qualifier (in this case number 25 etc ).
Final rounds will start after the 3rd qualification round for main. (app 21:00)
In case of a tie in qualification we will look at the highest number of points on your score card. If that’s the same, we look at the 2nd highest number of points etc. The player with the higher number of points will be ranked above the player with the lower number of points.

Scedule for the play-offs:

First Round:

  1. Q1 – Q24
  2. Q2 – Q23
  3. Q3 – Q22
  4. Q4 – Q21
  5. Q5 – Q20
  6. Q6 – Q19
  7. Q7 – Q18
  8. Q8 – Q17
  9. Q9 – Q16
  10. Q10 – Q15
  11. Q11 – Q14
  12. Q12 – Q13

Second Round:

  1. Winner 1 – winner 12
  2. Winner 2 – winner 11
  3. Winner 3 – winner 10
  4. Winner 4 – winner 9
  5. Winner 5 – winner 8
  6. Winner 6 – winner 7

Third Round:

  1. Winner 13 – winner 18
  2. Winner 14 – winner 17
  3. Winner 15 – winner 16

Final with winners 19, 20 and 21 as mentioned above.