The clubhouse has its own dedicated catering team, headed by Jan and Tonia. They will be serving reasonably priced meals on Saturday and Sunday. Highly recommended! You can also buy drinks and snacks at the bar throughout the weekend. Please note that it’s not allowed to use your own food and drinks inside the clubhouse!

Lunch will consist of several sandwiches and coffee, tea or soft drink.
Diner will be one of the following meals (at your choice):
Egg roll meal
Satay meal
Mexicano meal
Stewed meat meal
Snack meal
Hamburger meal
Vegetarian meal
Halal meal

All meals will be served with french fries and a sauce at your choice. (peanut, mayonaise, ketchup or curry)

It's possible to pre-order lunch and/or diner for Saturday and Sunday. Lunch will cost EUR 5, diner will cost EUR 6.
If you order diner during the weekend it will cost EUR 7,50!

To pre-order any meal please send a mail to
Please don't forget to mention the day and in case of diner to mention what kind of meal and what kind of sauce!
Also, advanced payment is necessary for pre-orders this year!
( to the same account number as your registration)
If we haven't received a payment, pre-orders will not be taken!
As soon as we have received your order and payment we will send you a confirmation mail.
Please bring a printed version of your confirmation with you!
Or you can show it on your Phone.

Pre-ordering is possible untill March 15th!

Please note that there are no shops or restaurants at walking distance from the clubhouse!

However, in Veenendaal there are several possibilities to eat and drink something, but it will take appr. 5-10 minutes by car.