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DPM has withdrawn from PAPA Circuit

In 2016 we have nominated Dutch Pinball Masters to be part of the PAPA Circuit. And we succeeded.
Based on the positive feedback DPM was also on the list of events for 2017.
However, we decided to withdraw DPM 2017 from the PAPA Circuit.
The main reason for this decision is the change in conditions from PAPA.
To be part of the PAPA Circuit again we would have to pay a 5$ fee per player. So for DPM this would be 720$.

We think it’s not fair to ask such an amount of money from a European event. To be fair, only very few players in Europe are actually interested in qualifying for the PAPA Circuit Final. A huge difference with tournaments in the US.

The main reason we nominated DPM in 2016 was to give the top players in Europe a better chance to qualify for the circuit final. And to be honest, we thought PAPA would also love to see the best European players coming to the finals.

We really understand why PAPA is charging 5$ per player in the US, but we feel that the costs/benefits for European tournaments is completely out of balance.
Sorry for the players who are interested in the PAPA Circuit!