4 strike Knock Out tournament

To give more players the opportunaty to still play in a tournament on Sunday,  a 4 strike knock out tournament will be played this day on the classics machines.

The maximum number of players for this tournament will be 64, assuming no machines will fall out before Sunday.
If more players are interested then the number of available places, players will be added based on their registration date/time.
You can see the names of the players HERE as soon as they’re available.

Start of the tournament will be at 10:00.
Please note that you must report at the tournament desk before 10:00 !!!
Any player who is not present at 10:00 will be replaced.

Matches will be 4-player games on one machine.
Number 3 and 4 will receive a strike.
In case of a 3-player game ( possible later in the tournament) number 2 and 3 will receive a strike.
If you have 4 strikes your tournament is over.
It will be a winner takes all tournament.